Warrior Caps


"When I learned I was going to have chemo, I decided to try cold caps as a means to keep my hair. As a nurse, I knew about the concept, but didn't know the details. I asked my doctors for information and was surprised the only thing they would give me was a sheet with websites of different companies that offered the caps and I was told to research them myself. Most of the websites were vague about the product and the services. Warrior Caps was the most comprehensive and affordable. I contact Lisa and set up a meeting for the next Saturday where the whole process was described and what I could expect. I opted to go with Warrior Caps and use Jeffrey, their capping specialist to do my capping so my husband was free to take care of me during chemo. An added bonus was that Lisa has been a constant source of emotional support answering questions, giving me tips to get through chemo and cheering me on throughout the whole process. The psychological impact of keeping most of my hair has been invaluable. Looking in the mirror and seeing a "normal" me during an abnormal time has been a true blessing" ~ Elise G., Graduated Warrior

A real "Warrior" on your side during your fight.  The owner of Warrior Caps has thoughtfully designed her company to aid customers and their families during their battle with cancer. The aid comes in several forms: 1. The product itself is designed to protect chemotherapy patients from losing their hair as a result of their treatment 2. The additional products and training with the Warrior Caps are designed to keep the survivor comfortable, the hair in place and the survivor and family prepared for the process 3. The staff at Warrior Caps really cares about the survivor and is a resource for support. When I first learned there were "chemo" caps to protect patients from losing their hair I was skeptical: is the high cost worth it? What if the hair falls out anyway? I also didn't know how much work saving the hair would be. I have since learned there are several providers of caps, all with different costs. The owner of Warrior Caps has purposely priced the rental of the caps and other additional product to cover costs without gauging its customer. Hair loss can and will occur during the period of use but the amount was minimized using this chemo cap rental service. I have several friends use other providers and they experienced a greater amount of hair loss and were not so sure that the chemo cap was worth it. It is if you use Warrior Caps. I believe the difference was the training and side items provided by the company that kept loss so minimalized.  Watching you-tube videos to figure out how to change out caps and take care of hair just does not prepare the family for the work that is required or give them the confidence  they can do it.  I am so glad we chose Warrior Caps because their hands on training allowed us to figure out the process without losing hair. Note: for an additional cost you can request Warrior Caps to do the work for you and this is not available with all companies. Another thing that not available with most other companies is are the extended instructions about hair combing and washing, dry ice preparations and locations and other helpful resources Warrior Caps goes above and beyond  to aid you at this most stressful time. If you want to keep your hair during chemotherapy then use Warrior Caps, it is worth the time and money as you will have a successful outcome and a less stressful time trying to figure it out. ~ Kristen N., Family member of Graduated Warrior

"So proud of my friend Lisa for taking heartbreak and tragedy and turning it into a positive for others. She is the most giving person I know and I am blessed to have her in my life" ~ Kerry, friend of Owner Lisa

 "Jeff was such a blessing to our Warrior Princess" ~ Julie, mother of Warrior Jennie

"I was fortunate to meet Lisa & Jeff and to have them by my side throughout my chemo treatment. Lisa demonstrated true characteristics of a survivor with optimism and strength, and showered me with constant support and inspiration! She generously shared all her experiences and anticipated all my needs. I felt that I could always count on her and Jeff. I appreciated everything they did which included saving my hair. It was important to me to have the normalcy of having hair for my children and Warrior Caps helped me achieve that goal! Thank you Lisa & Jeff ~ Graduated Warrior Gloria

"BECAUSE SOME WARRIORS HAVE HAIR! Can you believe this hair? No doubt, I have dark brown roots inches long, my hair is thinner and dry and I lost about 1/3 of all my hair. BUT FRIENDS...6 ROUNDS OF TOXIC, CANCER KILLING CHEMO AND THIS.GIRL.HAS.HAIR! Bald is beautiful and it is within the heart of each of us to decide how we are going to try and manage this fight! Sooo many decisions. So many questions! So many things you have no control over!...But please know dear friends, you have an option when it comes to your hair and should you choose to try and keep yours, in the midst of this fight, Warrior Caps have got your back! Lisa and Jeff were not only my Warrior Cap heroes, they have also become family! I love them dearly and my battle was so much easier with them by my side! Love you Lisa and Jeff and Thank You for your support, encouragement, friendship and love! #somewarriorshavehair #warriorcaps #thisis warriorcapfamily #Godsquad ~ Graduated Warrior Jennie

"Kristi feels fortunate to have met Lisa, owner of Warrior Caps early in her journey. With Lisa's help and hypothermia caps, Kristi was able to keep her hair through chemotherapy.  This was a wonderful option for a working mom of young kids! Keeping her hair allowed her to shield her kids from at least one of the harsh effects of chemo.  She was able to continue to be a wife and a mommy without some of the attention that would have come from losing her hair." - Partial Bio from Warrior Kristi for Puttin on the Pink Luncheon, Fort Worth, TX

"Lisa, you are doing amazing work! I can't stop talking about the excellent and personalized service you provide. Thank you for being an essential part of my chemo team. WE KICKED CANCERS BUTT!!" - Graduated Warrior Yajis

"Lisa, you truly nailed it with Warrior Caps! Your expertise, your faith in me, your TLC, and your support made all the difference in my treatment experience! Keeping all of my hair was a counterpart marathon to the chemo marathon, and it was a life-changing experience for me. Thank you for being a trail-blazer and my cheerleader - and for creating a successful, positive business! With your guidance, I felt empowered to get better sooner because I looked like "me". I'm proud to be a Warrior and I'm proud to pay it forward!" ~ Graduated Warrior Jineen

"Dear Lisa, as an Oncology Nurse and your Case Manager I watched you as you went through chemo with the determination to have some control over what was happening to you and your body. This control manifested itself in your decision to keep your hair instead of shaving your head and wearing a wig. I watched as you refused to give in to naysayers and doubters and insisted on your right to have cold cap therapy as part of your treatment regime. AND, YOU KEPT YOUR HAIR. I watched this same determination play itself out when other patients approached you about the cold cap therapy but were unable to afford it. You started on a mission to make it affordable for most and again you succeeded. I watched as you started your company "WARRIOR CAPS" and I watched as you fought the system for every patient's right to wear the cold caps during therapy. You didn't stop there. You went so much further by providing personal attention to each Warrior. You formed "WARRIOR CAPS" and I watched as you took the negatives away from your experience and made the cold cap therapy a positive and affordable experience for patients who want to participate. Lisa, you are a true hero, in my book. You had the vision of giving some control to patients who want to keep their hair and making it affordable for them AND you did it. KUDOSE AND LOVE TO YOU." ~ Marti Boren, RN, OCN

"Dear Lisa, Words can not my gratitude for all your support - from your response to my first email to the beautiful flower arrangement you sent to celebrate my last chemo treatment. You have been there every step of the way and continue to be there to support me. I am so grateful God has used you in such a special way on my journey - I am so grateful ~ Graduated Warrior C

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