Losing your hair shouldn't be a right of passage in 2017

Warrior Caps

What is Cold Cap therapy? Cold cap therapy is a method used to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy for some types of cancer. 

What types of cancer can Cold Cap Therapy be used for? A variety of cancers may use cold cap therapy with the exception of blood cancers.

How does Cold Cap Therapy work? A specially designed cap is frozen to very low temperatures and is worn before, during and after chemotherapy. The caps must be changed throughout the process to maintain temperature. Chemotherapy targets fast dividing cells, by freezing the follicle, the amount of chemotherapy that reaches the follicle is thought to be minimized lessening hair loss.

Does Cold Cap Therapy work for everyone? There are varying degrees of success based on the chemotherapy and your hair.  If you don't try - you will never know but there are no guarantees. 

I already started chemo, can I still use Warrior Caps?  Unfortunately, if you have already started chemotherapy, cold cap therapy will not work for you.

What does Cold Cap Therapy feel like? The first two caps are the most uncomfortable as the temperature of your scalp decreases. Included in the rental package is a heated blanket and hot hands to keep the patient as warm as possible.

Will my doctor approve of cold caps? You will never know if you don't ask. Cold Cap Therapy is very new in the US so some doctors might be withholding judgment until they know more. Studies indicate there is little risk involved in cold cap therapy.  They also indicate a higher quality of life for those who use cold caps and maintain their hair.

Do I have to sign a contract with Warrior Caps? Yes, but you many cancel at any time with a 5 business day notice.

What area do you service? Warrior Caps calls Fort Worth, Texas home but you can rent from us anywhere in the United States. We have Warriors throughout the greater Fort Worth area, Arkansas, Georgia, Washington, North Carolina, Arizona, New York, South Carolina and newest to our list we have a Warrior in Oregon. 

Does someone have to be with me during chemotherapy to help? Yes! A family member or friend will need to help you each day you have chemo. If you would rather have an experienced "capper" take care of your caps from start to finish we can provide that too.  If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Jeff will attend your first infusion for free and train your team.

Does insurance pay for cold cap therapy? This is an evolving process. Check with your individual insurance carrier to find out their policies.

What if I can't afford Warrior Caps?Lisa had two goals when she founded the company: 1. to create awareness 2. make the rental experience more affordable.  In 2016 prices from major cold capping companies reached $650 a month, while these prices have now come down, Warrior Caps still offers the most complete package at an affordable cost. If you have a concern, please let us know and we will go over options available based on financial need.