Invest In Your Hair, It's the Crown You Don't Take Off

‚ÄčThe Warrior Caps complete package is available to rent. This includes ‚Äčeverything you need, except for the dry ice which must be purchased local.  The price effective June 2019 is $350 per month.  Our goal is to continually lower the price as we are able to make cold caps more affordable to all.

There is no deposit.

You may cancel at anytime after the first month for a pro-rated refund.

Shipping is through Fed Ex.  You pay the shipping (standard shipping less than $100 depending on location), Warrior Caps pays for the return if you have rented for two months or more.

Warrior Caps has worked with Aetna, United and Blue Cross Blue Shield for full and partial insurance coverage based on provider and on individual policies.  We advocate for your coverage.  In all instances to date, insurance companies who have paid reimburse the insured following chemotherapy.