Warrior Caps

When Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39 she immediately started playing on "Dr. Google" looking for answers. Would she live? Would she die? Would she lose her hair?  In the process she found cold cap therapy, an option for hair loss prevention. Cold cap therapy has been used in Europe for decades but is not widely known about in the United States. The premise behind cold caps is simple - chemotherapy kills fast dividing cells. Freezing the scalp limits the amount of chemotherapy which reaches the hair follicles' fast dividing cells. Lisa used cold caps through 16 rounds of chemotherapy with the help of her brother, her personal "Capping Specialist". She held onto something her dad said early on..."every day you have hair is a day you wouldn't have without cold cap therapy." It was not easy but she persevered through six months of chemotherapy with a full head of hair.

Lisa has a history of giving back to the community through volunteerism, so it was only natural she would find a way to give back through her cancer diagnosis. While still in treatment, Lisa began coaching others through their cancer diagnosis and subsequently through the cold cap process. With her experience in cold cap therapy and the deep desire to help others, she decided to fill a niche in the community and founded Warrior Caps LLC.  Cold cap therapy is not for everyone, but Lisa's goal is for everyone to have a choice.

Warrior Caps celebrated their first anniversary in July 2017.  There are current and graduated Warriors in states from the East Coast to the West Cost including: Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina and Washington.  Warrior Caps have been used with breast, cervical, lung, ovarian and uterine cancer to date...