"This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of." Those were the first words out of her brother Jeff's mouth when the family discussed Lisa's plan to save her hair. To say he wasn't a fan would be an understatement.  Then he was asked to be there for all of her infusions as her capping specialist. As Lisa's "little" brother, for the first time in their lives their roles were reversed and he was taking responsibility for her and her hair during each of her chemotherapy infusions. He spent 6 months at the Cancer Center with Lisa and a cast of her closest friends, changing her caps and cheering her on through ups and downs, laughter and tears. 

In Jeff's words:  "At first I couldn't see the point in all this; I didn't care about her hair I cared about her life. But something happened as the weeks went by. She had a smile on her face. She seemed to rebound quickly after chemo. She went out with her friends. She continued to live her life. Unless you knew she had cancer, you didn't know she had cancer. Then I understood the benefit. I'm not a doctor, but there was a difference in her spirit. She fought."

So when Lisa decided to start Warrior Caps, she went to Jeff to see if he was interested in working with her. He is the one who all Warriors see at their first chemotherapy if they are local to the DFW area. He trains them on how to use the Warrior Caps and, for most, he stays around for their entire chemotherapy schedule. The benefits to using him as a "Capping Specialist" are evident. While results are never guaranteed, he has a perfect track record. He is methodical with his job from the time he picks up the dry ice - from the first cap to the last one of the day several hours and dozens of cap changes later. He focuses on the Warrior's hair, so family and friends don't have to. They can focus on what is the most important - the Warrior.